What a Roof Inspection Will Tell You About Your Roof:

Damaged or Missing Shingles— If your homes has damaged or missing shingles can lead to major problems.  When your home does have damaged or missing shingles, it is a problem you want to take care of fast.

Popped Up Nails— Popped up nails are a common problem.   It can be as simple as hammer the nails back in.  What our trained and experienced roof inspector will make sure there is not a major underlying problem.

Seals Around the Flashing— Your home has some weak-points that water likes to sneak into.  The caulking around attic vents, smokeshafts, skylights or any other areas that need to be sealed off are key protection points for your home.  Should there be a problem area, it can lead to major water damage that can effect more than just your roof – it could lead to damage in your foundation.

What We Do on a Roof Inspection:

Our Roof Inspectors will get a full idea of your roofs performance.  The inspection will start with the perimeter of your home.  The inspector will look for any indications of water damage.  This could be an early sign that there is an issue with your homes roof or gutter system.

The next step is to take a detailed look at your homes roof.  The inspector will make a detailed inspection of your roof.  Training and experience will help them spot any weaknesses in your Austin Area homes room.   You will be provided with a full report.

Indications Inside Your Home that Your Roof Needs Inspection

It is really essential that you check for the very early signs of roof covering leaks. Some of these consist of:

– Dark areas on the ceilings
– Peeling paint and wallpaper
– Water discolorations on pipes and seamless gutters
– Moist locations along your fireplace

If you see any kind of significant signs of roof leaks, you require to prepare a specialist roofing system examination to stop additional damage to your home.

Don’t Waste Time – Call the Professionals

If you see indicators of leakages or various other problems, it’s constantly best to call in the professionals. The majority of people aren’t comfy getting on top of the roof, and also do not have the abilities required to do proper repair services. When you hire a specialist, it is your best bet to guarantee your homes security.

Replacing Your Homes Roof

If the time has come to have your roofing replaced, make certain to get greater than one quote. You will want to ensure the company you choose is totally bound, accredited and insured. If you are in the Austin area and need a roof inspection, repair or replacement – we can help.   Get a FREE quote: